Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures + Akany Avoko

Here's some pictures from Manakara! 

The "road" we rode our bikes on...and this was a nice stretch

I got a little muddy, good thing I had my chacos!

Typical scene in Madagascar, lots and lots of kids, lots and lots of grass huts

Monster stickers on the back of my bus!

I've been enjoying some down time here in Tana lately. But also writing stories and updates, and some other miscellaneous communications work. On Thursday I went and visited a children's home called Akany Avoko, I was really excited to go visit because I followed their blog before I came to Madagascar. It's an amazing place! They house 120 children, mostly rescued from abusive families or extreme poverty. But Akany was originally started for girls who have been accused of petty crimes and are awaiting trial - the justice system here in Madagascar is very corrupt, and children are guilty until proven innocent, so they stay in prison awaiting trials that may never come. But Akany gives them a safe place to live. You can check out their blog here!

Well, just one month until I board a plane bound for TEXAS! (aka, greatest place on Earth!) Thanks for your prayers for me in this last month - please pray for creativity and inspiration as I try and tell the world about what God is doing here in Madagascar -- it's hard to narrow it down!


  1. Caitlin!
    #1 - Love the pictures, especially the chaco pic :)
    #2 - I can't believe you'll be headed back in a month!
    #3 - I am praying for you always.

  2. Caitlin, I saw your request to get in touch with Evelyn Apoko. I'm her mentor. You can check out our website at

    Feel free to email me at