Friday, October 14, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday I was journalling, and I decided to start reflecting on what's been happening in my life over these past months and years. I thought I'd share a few things here!

8 Things I've Learned Recently:

1. I'm passionate about communications - not just writing, but all forms of communications.
2. God is both mysterious and personal all at once.
3. If something needs to be done, just do it! Still learning this one...
4. My family is the best in the entire world.
5. I like cooking for fun, not because I have to
6. Dry spaghetti is gross
7. You can eat moldy bread if you just take off the moldy parts. Once you get past the smell you'll be okay!
8. God is for me - not against me - I carry His name!

3 Examples of His faithfulness to me:

1. Texas A&M University
If you knew me back when I was deciding where to go to college, you'll probably remember that initially I wasn't too excited about Texas A&M. I had other plans for my life. But God brought me to College Station despite my attitude, and it has been a HUGE blessing! Firstly, the relationships I've built and the things I've learned about Jesus and myself have shaped who I am becoming. Secondly, my education has been supreme. Seriously, I go to a great school - I'm challenged there and supported by the faculty. I love my major! What kind of secular academic institution not only gives you academic credit to do missions for a semester, but also encourages you to do it, and puts you on the front page of their student newspaper? Also Breakaway Ministries and Grace Bible Church have both been pretty life changing!

2. Faith Bible Church Internship
I knew I should be worried when May 2011 arrived and I still had no plans for my summer, but somehow I knew the Lord had good things in store for me. He proved He did when the youth pastor at  Faith called me up and offered me a position as his youth intern! FBC is the church where I grew up, where I really encountered Jesus for the first time, and where I learned what it means to be His disciple. The internship was a BLAST! I also learned a lot about church ministry and got to know the high school kids - they're amazing!

I mean when you really think about it, how in the world did I end up here? Of all the places in the world, I have to admit this is one I never even considered going to. (I decided that on my blog I'm allowed to end sentences with prepositions.) But all the lessons I've learned, the things I've experienced, the people I've met have been invaluable to me! He has never once abandoned me or left me to my own devices. He has given me strength for each day and grace for each moment. Sometimes it takes traveling 10,000 miles away from home and all it's comforts to realize HE IS ENOUGH FOR ME. All the time, everyday, no matter what.

I also picked up the old habit I had freshman year of writing a list of 50 things I'm thankful for everyday. I'll spare you that list though ;) some things are completely ridiculous and some are serious. Either way, I think it's so healthy to sit down and take the time to give thanks. Engage your mind in thinking about how grateful you are instead of how much you want. It wasn't difficult at all to come up with 50 things, I'm sure you could keep going for hours once you get started!

What's something you're thankful for today? I have one week and 4 days left in this country, I'm thankful for that!

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