Friday, September 16, 2011

Manakara or Bust

Today is the day - outreach numero dos! Manakara here we come!

Well this week has been good here in Tana, restful and productive. This week I: made s'mores over candlelight, washed my clothes in the bathtub, started reading the book of Daniel, finished reading Redeeming Love for the 4th time (SO GOOD), finished the FIRST OM Madagascar newsletter (yaaa!), made a short video presentation about Sainte Marie, showed the presentation on Tuesday when I went and spoke to a group of Christian university students and mobilized them for missions. I also spent a lot of time wishing the internet connection was faster so I could call home to my parents! Love you mom and dad :] I spent two hours looking at my sisters wedding pictures (remember, slow internet) - she was SUCH a beautiful bride.

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