Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You prayed me here!

Well, you prayed me here -- all the way to Madagascar! And here I am, alive and well. I prayed that I would have internet access (yes...that might be very materialistic of me...) and (despite my materialistic American mindset) the Lord provided it (most of the time)! Miracle #1. 

Today is a good day! Woke up, had some time in the Word, then had breakfast with Yant and her niece, whose name I cannot remember/pronounce properly. We talked all about Madagascar and it's different regions. She told me that in the south it's a big cattle economy, but they don't drink milk -- it's a source of shame to drink milk. Yet they're starving and experiencing a famine, and they have all this milk that they don't drink. But the pastor there is trying to teach people how to make cheese from the milk so that they can use it in some respect, very creative. Makes me think about my own life, what are things that the Lord has provided that I refuse to acknowledge, that I think are beneath me? Also, she said the hierarchy is: men, cows, women. They even have a market for women, where they're just sold like any other item. Men can come and barter over women, and when they're done with them just sell them back. Also it's a polygamous society. They need Jesus so desperately. Please be in prayer for this area of the world, especially for the women to find freedom from their oppression. 

Also, next door to the house where I'm staying, there is a church/center where they meet 3 times a day to cast out demons. It's unbelievably loud. The people are so involved in witchcraft and ancestor worship, I don't doubt that they have lots of demons to cast out. Also Yant said sometimes they're demon possessed because of unforgiveness they have in their families. When a family came and they all forgave each other the demon left. So there's definitely a lot of spiritual darkness here, but Jesus is also present. I hear them all yelling and screaming and casting out demons right now, it's probably one of the strangest experiences I've had. Just two minutes ago they were all singing in worship, what a contrast to the yelling and shouting I hear now. Meanwhile the song "God of this City" is playing on my itunes. You're the God of this city, You're the King of these people, You're the Lord of this nation - has a whole new meaning to me. 

One lessons I've been learning lately is about trust. So easy to talk about and SO difficult to practice in my life. I've been thinking about when Peter stepped out of the boat and started to walk on the water, the moment he looked down he started to drown. In my life it's no different, when I trust in the Lord, it's like I'm walking on the water - but the moment I start thinking about the future, and all the days to come I start to drown. All the doubts seep in and I wonder "What if there's no water for me to drink? What if I'm unbearably lonely? What if I get really sick?" But Jesus is saying to me "don't look down at the water" or "don't look to the future and worry about tomorrow. I'm here now, I'm carrying you right now." 

Love from Madagascar, Caitlin

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  1. What a great post! I'm praying that you'll trust the Lord in all things.

    You're such a light there!